Ampeg SS-35 1 X 12" Ampeg Custom design speaker cabinet New $200.00 SOLD
Gorilla TC-40LH Mini full stack, guitar Good $275.00  
Laney GC30 - Floor demo, Excellent $190.00  
Laney GC60-C Stereo chorus w/2-10" HH spkrs.. Floor demo, Excellent $390.00
Laney HC25-R Reverb Floor demo, Excellent $175.00  
Marshall MS-2 Mini Half-stack Very good $25.00
Marshall Acoustic Soloist 80R Guitar amp. Floor demo, Excellent $900.00  
Marshall Valvestate 80V, Model 8080 Guitar amp. Floor demo, Excellent $455.00
Marshall VS-15 Guitar amp Floor demo, Excellent $160.00  
Marshall VS-15R Guitar amp, reverb Floor demo, Excellent $195.00  
Park G25-R Guitar amp, reverb Floor demo, Excellent $205.00  
ADA Microfet 100 Floor Demo, Power head Excellent $260.00  
Gorilla GB-30 Preowned Excellent $70.00  
Laney BC-30 New Excellent $175.00  
Laney BC-50 New w HH spkrs Excellent $210.00  
Laney BC-75 New Excellent $300.00  
Laney HC-25B New Excellent $155.00  
Laney HC-50B New Excellent $230.00  
Marshall B-30 New Excellent $275.00  
Marshall Bass State, B65 New Excellent $420.00  
Park 15, with 10" speaker New Excellent $150.00  
Park 25, with 12" speaker New Excellent $220.00  
Traynor T-10B Rental returns, 2 Avail. Very good $90.00  
Marshall PB-01 (Channel switch) 4 available New $24.00  
Marshall PB-02 (Channel & Chorus) 2 available New $34.00
Marshall PB-03 (Channel & Reverb)#8240 1 available New $34.00
Marshall JCM-8015 Floor Demo Excellent $680.00  
Audio Centron AC8P 8 Channel powered Pre-owned Excellent $600.00  
Boss BX-80, Stereo, Table top Floor demo, no XLR Excellent $270.00  
KLS (DJ-Mixer) Stereo mixer 1 Demo/4 In original boxes New $275.00  
LMX-907 (DJ-Mixer) Stereo with Voice Changer, EQ & Echo 1 Available in original box New $225.00  
LMX-909 (DJ-Mixer) Digital sampling, voice changer, sound effects 1 Available in original bax New $350.00  
Peavey XR1200C 12 Channel Very Good $995.00  
Kawai MX-8R Demo Excellent $250.00  
Kawai MX-8R Used Very Good $150.00
Fender 1201-A 1 Pair Speaker cabinets Excellent $225.00 Pr.  
Peavy SP-5G 1 Pair 2 way cabinets Like new $425.00 Pr.  
Peavy PV 8.5 Pre-owned power amp, rack case incl. Excellent $300.00  
Kustom 2ch. 20 watt Floor Demo Excellent $95.00  
Korg KMX-122 Demo Excellent $325.00  
Crate BG15r Used Very Good $300.00  
AKG D-320B Used Excellent $100.00  
Astatic CTM-92 New Excellent $155.00  
Audio Dyne AD 358-S New Excellent $95.00  
Audio Essentials(Peavy) AE-120M New Excellent $50.00  
Audio Technica DB 105 New Excellent $50.00  
CAD 27-H New Excellent $65.00  
Fisher M-5 Used OK (IT WORKS) $15.00  
Pioneer DM-V120 (Karaoke mic) New Excellent $75.00  
Shure A98-MK Floor Demo Excellent $50.00  
Shure 580-SA Floor Demo Excellent $100.00  
Shure 515-SB Used Good $50.00  
Shure PE-25L-CN Floor Demo Excellent $110.00  
Shure PE-56-D Floor Demo Excellent $155.00  
Shure SM-56 Floor Demo Excellent $150.00  
Sky SDM-600 Floor Demo Very good $15.00  
Telex-Pro ???? New Excellent $120.00  
5 pin DIN cord 15 ft. male/female Used Good $15.00

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