Wm. Knabe & Co. Gold Medal Piano Rosewood upright, SN 24730(1880's), New strings, dampers & hammers, 88 keys w/original ivories Excellent $1995.00  
Steinway Rosewood Upright piano, 85 keys with plastic replacement tops, we have new action built by Pratt reed which requires installation, may require pin block work. SN 27826(1873) Case is in excellent shape $1495.00(negotiable)  
Kawai EP 705M Floor demo, A strung piano with MIDI send capability Excellent $1095.00  
Montanari Concert Grand Accordion Custom Electronic 120 bass Five bass stops/Ten Treble stops include clarinet/bassoon/piccolo/oboe/organ/flauto/violin/ saxophone/celeste & harmon. Also has two tone and two volume controls for built in pickups. Includes case & strap $850.00  
Emminent Theatre Organ Used Fair $395.00  
Roland MKB-200 (Keyboard Controller) Floor demo Excellent $395.00  
Roland D-50 Used Good $795.00  
Roland JV-35 Floor demo Excellent $825.00  
Roland JW-50 (Work Station) Floor demo Excellent $995.00  
Roland XP-10 Floor demo Excellent $525.00  
Kawai Demonstration Disk #3 for  Kawai Q-80 Sequencer K1-ii    PHm Looks like new, but no returns allowed $5.00 plus S&H  
Kawai Power Station Demo Disk for use with Q-80 Sequencer K-4   Contains 12 demo styles: 1. Lite Year, 2. RobsFunk, 3. JungleLf, 4. AlGoesK4, 5. Oh-K4, 6. SexEight, 7. NewAge, 8. Late Set, 9. Matador, 10. ChambrWk, 11. Popit!, 12/ Calipso.  Includes K4 Internal Patches Looks like new, no returns allowed. $5.00 plus S&H  
Key-Clique Bo Tomlyn cassette voice library Yamaha DX-21, DX-27 & DX-100 Like-new $25.00 Ea.  
Korg Memory ROM Card DDC-C01, Orchestra 1, One (1) available, Orig. pkg. $25.00  
Korg Digital Piano Library Card DPCU-11 Alternate Collection(4 Available), DPCU-12 Keyboard Sounds (4 Available), DPCU-13 Orchestral Sounds (4 Available) original pkg. $25.00 Ea.  
Korg DSS-1 Sound Library These are original disks which were never sold to an end user.

KSDU-045 Acoustic Guitars,
KSDU-047 Bass (slap, pull, fretless),
KSDU-049 Elec. Piano 2 (DX-100, DX-7 electric), (2 copies available.)

The following 5 disk covers are damaged.   A technician may be able to restore the covers or recover the info on the disk.  

KSDU-008:  System A: Piano 1/ System B: Piano 2/ System C: User/ System D: User.

KSDU-039: System A: Woodwind Ensemble 1 & 2/ System B: Woodwind Ensemble 2, Strings/ System C: Woodwind Ensemble 1, Strings-R/ System D: Strings, Bass & Violin-R

KSDU-043: System A: Clarinet/ System B: Oboe/ System C: Back up of System A/ System D: Back up of System B.                         

KSDU-044 Reeds 2:  System A; Bassoon/ System B; English Horn/ System C. Back up of System A/ System D; Back up of System B.

KSDU-046 Guitars: System A; Rock Guitar1, Feedback/ System B; Rock Guitar 2, Feedback/ System C; Back up of System A/ System D; Back up of System B.


Supply of KSDU disks is limited to one disc per # $3.00 per undamaged disk.

$1.00 per damaged disk.

All 8 disks for $10.00

Korg ROM Memory Card SGC-04 E. Piano 111 (2 available)SGC-05 Harp (1 available) Orig. pkg. $25.00 Ea.  
Korg M-1 Memory card MSC-011 PCM DATA, BRASS Original pkg., like new $55.00  
Roland D-50 Patch Data Rom Cards PN-D50-02 Decay Group, PN-D50-03 Sustain Group II.  (These cards have been misplaced and not available at this time).

We do have PN-D50-00 available.

In original packaging, never used $50.00 Each  
Roland U-110 PCM DATA ROM SN-R8-05 Jazz Original pkg., like new $40.00  
Various MIDI Cables We have various lengths with connectors on both ends. Many new, some used in working condition. $.25 (cents) per foot.

Request your sizes and let's see what's available.


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